Finding the Right Balance between Fashion and Function with Your Watchband

One of the most overlooked aspects of how one dresses is the watchband. Often times, watch wearers will put function above all else when choosing what to wear and not notice that the watchband does not go with the overall outfit or the circumstances. They think, “Hey, it is a watchband. It keeps my timepiece attached to my wrist, and that is all that matter.” This could not be further from the truth.

Sports Band versus Dress Band

Just like with any piece of clothing, there are watchbands that are appropriate for different situations. One of the most important distinctions when it comes to watchbands is the sports band versus the dress band. Sports bands need to be resistant to everything. They are generally made from a durable flexible form of polymer plastic or nylon. This is good enough for withstanding the elements. Function trumps fashion when you wear a sports watch.

Dress watchbands are completely different. Generally, you want something that is comfortable, discreet, and smaller. The tendency for those who are dressed to the nines is to include a watchband that is big and gaudy. In the end, this tends to be tacky and have the effect of making it look like you do not belong.

The Showboat, the Shabby, and the Lady and Gentleman

The difference between a lady or gentleman, a showboat, and a shabby person can easily be seen in the watchband at a formal occasion. The shabby person will have a nylon or plastic sports band style watchband. The showboat will wear a large band that is perhaps diamond studded and meant to give off the illusion of a limitless disposable income. Meanwhile, a lady or gentleman will wear a tasteful metal or animal skin watch.

Milano Watchbands specializes in providing watchbands for ladies and gentlemen. All of the items we offer are designed to be worn during formal occasions, yet they are also appropriate and comfortable enough to use on a daily basis. All of the bands are fashionable, so what it comes down to is your personal taste.

For everyday wear, you cannot go wrong with leathers. If you are a lady or gentleman and are still looking to discretely impress those with a discerning eye, the alligator skin is the best way to go. Teju lizard and crocodile skin are also solid options that meld comfort with distinction. And, of course, there is the classic genuine leather.

When it comes to affordable metal watchbands that also project formal elegance, PVD plated stainless steel is a heavy duty and comfortable option. Other common metals that are also good choices are titanium and silver and gold toned stainless steel. These are affordable and more socially conscious alternatives to going with real gold or silver.

Milano Watchbands is the premier watchband provider on the internet. Whether your watch is small or big, vintage or modern, we can suit anyone’s needs with our selection of watchbands. If you need help balancing function and fashion, feel free to contact us for guidance.