Shark skin watchbands from Milano Watchbands is the ideal choice if you are going for a sporty look. We strongly recommend a shark skin strap for those who have watches that are subjected to heavy duty conditions, such as dive watches and sportier watches that have marked prominent bezels. The watchbands of shark skin that we offer come from the finest craftsmen from around the globe. The tanning process and the particular skin used lead to an unmistakably distinct shark skin band. This is in contrast to the shark leather bands offered by other sites, which may be real but appear fake.

Shark skin bands are resistant to water, and they are incredibly durable. When you go with a genuine shark leather strap, you will be satisfied for many years to come. These bands are versatile. Though they are generally used with sportier watches, they have a luxurious look that allows them to hold their own in more formal settings. Plus, all of the bands in our line work well with the luxury watch brands, such as Michele, Cartier, Rolex, Louis Moinet, and others.

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