Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is our most popular type of metal watchband. Durability and comfort are what make stainless steel such a popular choice at Milano Watchbands. We also get our affordable bands from the industry’s top designers, lauded for their craftsmanship and style. For both men and women, we have an array of options that fit any watch.

Similar to silver in color, stainless steel is a shiny metal. But, stainless steel is far superior than silver in a variety of ways including the fact that it is rust resistant and does not tarnish easily. However, over long periods of time, it is possible for stainless steel to be scratched. For many watch straps, stainless steel is a smart and affordable choice.

Some of our fancier stainless steel pieces feature PVD. PVD, or physical vapor deposition, is a relatively new highly adherent coating on the metal from a process involving high temperatures, ions, and vacuums. Compared to bands with the regular enamel coating, PVD plated bands are much more durable.

Whether you are looking for a twist-o-flex, hock clasp, deployment buckle, curve ended, mesh, or any other type of band, has it in our stainless steel collection.